Best Freelance Website to Find and Outsource Work In 2019

The freelancer market is maturing and businesses no longer have any misgivings about hiring someone from this workforce. As the market expands, companies like Field Engineer offer alternatives to Upwork’s fee structures. Graduate freelancers are in love with this site. Like its competitors, FE creates fierce competition for jobs with bid-for-hire system. Typically, clients post job descriptions and potential workers offer proposals. Of course, this can create a race-to-the-bottom in fields with more supply than demand.

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular in these days. Therefore, learn some of the best skills and create additional sources of income along with a regular job. FieldEngineer is the world’s largest on-demand engineering marketplace, connecting a global community of skilled freelance engineers with businesses of all sizes to complete their design needs. With the right skills and some hustle, freelancing pays like a full time job.

The PayPal survey found that 23 percent freelancers earn about Rs.250,000 per year while few earn more than Rs.500,000. This makes it imperative to know what freelance engineering skills are in demand right now. Those in demand in foreign markets like Australia, UK,and the US are listed in Field Engineer website since they fetch very lucrative pay.

The best way to know which freelance skills are in demand right now is to keep oneself updated through recruitment portals, crowd-sourcing platforms and On Demand Freelance Marketplace. They carry excellent listings of freelance jobs and required skills. Such information combined with knowledge about median pay for a skill is helpful to make a great career by freelancing.