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Thread: 95 honda accord ex, hit a pothole and she died. Now she wont start.

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    Question 95 honda accord ex, hit a pothole and she died. Now she wont start.

    Hi! I was cruising along, minding my own business, and a massive pothole ran out in front of my baby, 95 honda accord ex, and rocked the shit out of my car. I got put to look at my tire, no damage, so i carried on. I drove about half a block and she died. Tried to crank her up and she wont start. She is getting power. No blown fuses. Pull the panel over fuel pump and tapped on it and inspected the wiring, no evidence of anything, still no crank. Im trying to locate the main relay and the fuel.pump relay to try replacing or repairing those if needed. any other ideas of what i may check in my process of elimination? Id appreciate the info.

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    There is an issue of the main fuel relay ( which is under the steering dash panel - on rhd version, uk ) - having dodgey solder connections.
    Mine was not starting after sitting in the sun. The relay can test ok one minute then duff the next. I bash like that can do it ?
    When I tested it off the car - it would be live, then if I tapped it hard - it would fail - tap it again live ! In hindsight - a good thump on the dashboard in that location would have started the car. I swapped the relay and all was fine.
    Just a thought ( mine is a 1990 )

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    Default 95 honda accord ex hit a pothole and she died Now she wont start

    would the same be true for a 5th gen accord? Im having the same problem, only mine wont start when its very cold outside and its sat overnight. Its happened 3 times in the last 2 years, first time I push started it and it was fine until a month or so ago. That time, after letting it sit for about 10 minutes after seeing it wouldnt start up, I tried again and it fired right up. Now its not cooperating at all

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