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Thread: 2004 Accord 2.4L Transmission Slip

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    Default 2004 Accord 2.4L Transmission Slip

    Ok So maybe its not a slip but I dont know what word to use.
    I 2004 2.4 Automatic with 113,000 on it... at around 40-45 mph there is a transmission shift point.
    At that shift point it shifts hard/ slips. It feels like a hiccup every time. especially when cold.
    I am new to Honda's my first reaction is to change the fluid and filter... However I cant seem to find specifics on changing the filter.
    Is there a typical internal filter or just the inline filter? I know to use the Honda ATF fluid...
    my transmission tag is BCLA... I think I know enough to get myself in trouble.
    Any help?

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    Lucky you, the I4 has an inline filter (25430-PLR-003), unlike my v6 which I had to dig into to get the internal. You can locate it by standing at the driver's side and looking in between the engine and the airbox. You'll need a crush washer too for the drain bolt. Drain and fill three times, hopefully you'll have minimal shavings.

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