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Thread: 1991 SI 2.1 no spark

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    Default 1991 SI 2.1 no spark

    I just bought this car, and it does not run. I knew this when I bought it, but the price was too good to pass up, and it's in imaculate condition. The only issue is, it has no spark. There is no juice coming from the ignition coil to the distributor. I have installed a new coil, new ignitor, 2 ECUs; one new and one used in working condition, new distributor cap and rotor, new plugs and wires. And still nothing. I tested the new coil with an ohm meter, and all perameters matched the ones in the service manual. Does anyone have any input on what the issue might be? Plus, the man who owned it before me replace the timing belt and water pump. Could this motor be extremely out of timing? It's just a thought that I had. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance

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