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    My son is away at summer school in his '02 3.0L 6cyl Accord. He calls yesterday to tell me that he went out to find the car completely dead. Not a flicker of a dome light, no instrument panel response from turning the key, absolutely nothing. We had AAA come out and do a system test, and they put in a new battery. Alternator, starter and the rest tested fine. He goes out this morning to find the car just as dead as it was yesterday.

    Just listening to his description, it seems to me that we have gone beyond a normal battery drain, such as some device being left on (and he assures me that could not be the case - last time it was driven was in daylight, so it's not the headlights).

    Anyone have any ideas on what to look at first? It's like a total power disconnect from the electrical system. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check the AC compressor relay. Sometimes they fail and cause the power to the compressor to stay on until the battery dies.

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