I replaced my shift interlock because key was stuck in ignition and you had to press the override button to get it out of park. I'm in the process of putting the shifter and console back together and I went to check the dash indicator was on R per the service manual procedure and now the car has no electric power except the vsa module is humming and the parking lights are on. everything else is dead - radio, fan, ignition chime, headlights, etc. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery to reset everything, but no luck.

Also car sat while I was waiting for the part so the battery is dead and I have to jump it. Before I did anything, I could jump it to start it and drive it but when it had power the key would stick. I tried connecting the old interlock to the wire in the car, and no change. I'm stumped, only thing I can think of is if I did something to the shift cable as that was the trickiest part of the job, the rest was a couple of bolts and 3 harness connections.