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Thread: Only J30 EG in Oz needs help

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    Default Only J30 EG in Oz needs help

    About 6 years ago I did the only J series swap that has been done in Australia or New Zealand. The problem was getting the Acura TL manual gearbox from Canada, as every J series Honda imported Down Under was an automatic. I've raced the car with huge success, and there's twenty properly edited videos of it's three build stages & racing successes + more Honda racing build videos on my WJP004 You Tube channel than any other in the world.

    Reason I am posting is because running my J30 V6 in stock form in the Muscle Hatch was never an issue in it's initial competition, which was mostly on the dirt. Truth be known it took me a while to develop my driving of it. But now I've switched to purely tar I'm running in Sports Sedans, and being in there all the time rather than just once in a while as in the past, the time seems right to see what engine improvements might be possible. Apart from a couple used in local offroad racing buggies, this engine is virtually unknown and undeveloped in Oz. So just as with the swap itself, I have to do all my own research both for ideas and components. I have two mates with decades of Honda experience whose brains I am gonna pick... throw a bunch of my crazy ideas at them & see what they advise. Requests for help from the USA where these engines are highly modified has brought zero response so far. However the main advances there are with turbos, and I want to stay n/a to avoid being classed with the serious turbos & monster V8 cars.

    SO... is there anyone with personal experience modifying this Honda V6 who can guide me with performance advice &/or suppliers of parts for the J series engine?
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