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    anyone here who's playing God of War?

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    Just a tip I found:

    If you’re playing on PS4 Pro, choose the graphics mode "Favor Performance" in the settings. This will enable you to prioritize framerate. The "Favor Resolution"only prioritizes 4K. The Performance Mode is not on by default, so make sure you check the settings.

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    Fantastic game! Just finished it today and willing to play it again.

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    Hmm, has anyone here finished the game too?

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    Anyone here know if there will be a New Game Plus mode for the recent God of War?

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    I just started playing the new God of War game on PS4 and I am very impressed with the graphics and soundtrack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hondyz View Post
    anyone here who's playing God of War?
    I'm playing God of War

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