So I finally collected all the items needed to swap the 2007 coupe rear end to my 2003. What is needed for the swap:
2006-2007 Trunk (Mine had the spoiler and led in it)
2006-2007 tail lights with pig tails
2006-2007 rear bumper if you want a perfect fit the 2003 bumper will fit but not perfectly there are some slight differences to the curvature.

1) remove the rear bumper skin, There are 3 philips screws per side and 2 10 mm head bolts to remove.
2) removed the tail lights with a 8 mm socket and a 10 mm socket, unplug all the electrical first.
3) Now that it is out of the way you can mount your 2007 tail lights be mindful to adjust the clearance for a nice even fit. It takes some fiddling.
4) Next you want to wire them. The signal lights are plug and play. The rest are going to require colour matching the wires there will be 2 blacks once you cut the head off the old plugs. Twist them together to match the black on the 4 wire plug. The rest just colour match (white/black, red/black and green)
5) Test all of it before you close it up. I had to replace one bulb for my reverse on the right side.
6) Now you can remove your 2003 trunk lid. I would recommend that you pull the wire for the trunk latch off as well as the latch if you are reusing it. Mine had all the fun bits already attached so I just removed the release wire and set it all aside. Before you unbolt it set cardboard down on the rear window to set it on so and have a friend nearby to aid in lifting it off. Set it aside and now get your 2007 trunk lid and reuse the mounting bolts. Mine required some die grinding for the fitment to get it to go nice and snug. I moved it about 1/4" lower down the mounting arms to get it to fit nice and tight.
7) Run your release cable to the new latch or if reusing your attach it. I tapped into the brake wires for the led in the trunk using the pigtail I cut from the junkyard one.
8) Now close the trunk and adjust the lower latch as required by loosening the 2 10mm head bolts . Mine had to move downward about 0.5" for proper fitment. It took some trial and error here to get it to close right for me.
9) Now remount the bumper and see how it all looks. I reused my 2003 bumper because I don't have my 2006-07 one yet but you get the idea.
See attached pics: