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Thread: Accord 2004 v6 - P0741 Code

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    Hi All

    I have accord 2004 Ex V6. recently I having issue with transmission. Check engine light came on and turned of by itself but when we checked it code was P0741 which says TCC solenoid issue.
    Symptoms of my car is that, when I start to drive it everything is normal and it shifts perfectly. After 10-15 minutes abnormalities starts and it does not shift and I can not go beyond 20-25 mph. Engine seems like choking. But if I stop the car completely, wait 1-2 minutes and start again everything gets back to normal.
    Also yesterday I took out dual pressure control solenoids to clean up. Measured resistance was around 5.6 ohm.
    Do you think it is some solenoid issue or something internal? And if you think it is internal, is it something related to torque converter?

    I appreciate for any help

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    Usually that means that the trans in on the way out, last time I dealt with this on my friends honda van the trans was cooked. We put a rebuilt in it about 3 weeks later. What condition was the atf in? Not many people realize that automatics need servicing just like any other transmission and they leave the oil in it for the life of the trans which is a surefire way to kill it. On rare occasion I have had luck with it just being a dirty valve body in the transmission so removing, cleaning and resealing fixed it but that was more on the gm transmissions back in the early 90s. You could give that a shot but make sure you note where all the parts go during disassembly. Also you will require a torque wrench to reassemble.

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    maybe a problem in the gearbox, you did not try to contact a technical service?
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