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Thread: 2007 heated leather seats into a 2003 cloth manual seats coupe

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    Default 2007 heated leather seats into a 2003 cloth manual seats coupe

    I have a 2003 accord with manual cloth seats and whilst at the scrap yard I came across a 2007 accord coupe with black leather power heated seats that are mint. I grabbed the shifter cover with the switches and pigtails already and will be returning to grab the seats with wiring pigtails as well. I am no stranger to wiring and have done this conversion on a few vehicles so I only have a few questions. I currently only have 2 wire connectors under my seat 1 for the seat belt buckle and 1 for the srs system. I will be adding power wires for the motors and grounding it off the current factory location under the seat. I plan to cut my factory plugs off and wire them to the 07 seats for the srs and the seat belt switch. Just curious if anyone had any issues wiring the srs from a newer car into the 03 (if there is a difference in resistance, which I plan to check first) or the seat belt switch. Adding the power and grounds for the power seats are easy enough so I am not concerned about those as I don't see any place that I can swap a harness in to make it work as per oem spec. This of course will be done with the battery disconnected to avoid tripping the srs light. I downloaded the manual with the wiring schematics for the 2004 to 2007 accord as a fyi.

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    So I finally got back to the scrap yard and removed the seats from the 2007 along with the door skins. I cut the harnesses back about 2 feet along the door trim so I have pigtails to work with and used the 12v battery from my electric ratchet to power the seats so I could access the bolts on the drivers side. The passenger side looks like a simple plug and play with just the addition of the heated seat part. The drivers is much the same with the change that the blue plug for the 2003 is now is wired into the gray plug for the 2007 seat. You can see the blue plug still but it is further up inside the seat. I still need to do the resistance test on both seats for the air bags to make sure they are the same resistance so as to not set off an error or the air bags once I am ready to install however wiring wise it looks pretty stripped the harnesses for the seats to see what I did and did not need for the install. I will be using piggyback fuses to power the seats and for the heated seats from the factory fuse panel which I will show in my write up. The back seats are a simple bolt in. I also removed the trunk from the 2007 and the drivers tail light with pigtail to put on my car as the right one and rear bumper was damaged. I figure its just as well to do the 2007 rear conversion while I am at it. Of course before you do any testing make sure to disconnect the negative cable off the battery and wait 3 minutes prior to removing the front seats.

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    I have the seats in, still need to hookup my heated seat switches but the power portion is connected up. There are 4 wires I need to figure out on the drivers seat still they are a grey, grey/red in the grey connector and green/red, green/white in the 2 wire dark grey connector. Otherwise it is all connected and working. The 2 wires on the passenger seat are green/yellow and green. I know the wires for the passenger seat are for the heater as per the schematic however the 4 I have for the drivers seat do not match the schematic I have unless someone as one for the 2007 as my manual does not show the schematic for those. Once I get these figured out I will post a how to for people.

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    So I made some progress on figuring out the wiring, the grey and grey/red are actually the light green and grey for the seat heater and I am assuming the greens are for the back however I do not have any resistance reading on that those 2 wires so I think the back pad may be pooched. I also have to take it to honda and have the passenger seat weight pad calibrated as I have an air bag error for that. Pulled the code for it. Once I have everything wired up I will post the how to but that may take a few weeks.

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    So the green wires are for a sensor that is not required on the 2003 model so that can just be unplugged and set aside. I did do the write up for how to do the conversion on the drive accord site. I will not allow me to post them how to here as apparently I have not posted enough so pm me if you want the link.

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