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    Hi guys I have a 2003 accord coupe with power locks 4 cylinder 5 spd. The factory fob I have that came with the car did not work, so I tested and determined that the actuators were shot. I replaced both of them and now it works with the inner lock/unlock button. Next I tested the remote and it did not work, so I tried to reprogram the remotes via the key on/off method pressing the lock each time for the 3 times in the on position. On the forth time I hit the lock button and I hear the door locks actuate for me. At this time I can lock and unlock the doors with the remote so I turn the key off and then it does not work after that. I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I should mention that i put a new battery in the remote and it does flash the light when I press the buttons. I have also repaired both the door pins as they did not work prior to the repair of the door lock actuators.

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    I should note that the door chime is going when the door is open with the key out of the ignition does that mean that it thinks the key is still in the ignition?

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    I got a new ignition switch from the scrap yard and I think I found where the tab is inside the lock cylinder to let it know that the key is in or out of the ignition, I will be buying the x431 app to reprogram the new lock cylinder/key to the car eventually. Does anyone know if the transponder is inside the key? I could swap my immobilizer to the new lock cylinder as mine is shot. EDIT honda only wants $200 to install the new lock cylinder and program the key which is pretty good so I am taking it there. Final edit I took my lock cylinder partially apart as I found the switch that tells the car the key is in the iginition so I removed the electronics that cover it and got it freed up and working now my power locks work like a charm so no trip to honda unless it fails again.
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