Started my car for the first time after replacing water pump, pulleys, belts, NGK plugs wires, NGK plugs , Honda distributor cap and rotor Honda map sensor,air leaner,recommended I currently have 139000 mi . When I started I immediately poured in the radiator coolant. Ran fine for awhile. I had to leave town care bake and started with 1399 cyl 1-6 misfire. I checked wires and rotor placment . I unplugged battery while working then plugged it in started and scan: DTA 1399 01/cyl misfire the P0116 . The car has been idling low and strong fuel Fumes coming from exhaust. I also had a catalytic converter error code prior to the work so I picked up ca com magnaflow cat to replace. I looked for and leaks when I noticed fumes coming out from the old cat. Cars idle low ready to stall. I am out of ideas other than I damage my engine or my cat and fuel injectors are clogged? Any help from an experience tech would be appreciated 🙏