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Thread: 96 Civic CX Read Engine Coolant Temperature via OBD2

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    Default 96 Civic CX Read Engine Coolant Temperature via OBD2

    96 Civic CX trying to diagnose "cold bloodedness" problem. Slow to heat up, poor gas mileage around town (highway OK), long idle period with heater on will drop coolant temperature (in air temps below 20 deg F).

    Changed thermostat twice now. First was good quality aftermarket, last (recent) was a genuine Honda 180 degree stat. No eng fault codes.

    Question at hand is, does the OBD2 port allow reading coolant temperature on the 96 Civic? (Considering getting a scanner if I can read temp).

    Thanks in advance.


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    Further information:

    Yes you can read coolant temperature via the ODB2 port on the 96 Civic. A large amount of interesting data is also available.

    In my quest to solve this problem I found out that the coolant thermostat is relatively low at 172 degrees with a 180 degree available. The final engine temperature is regulated by the ECM by cycling the radiator fan. During driving (in town and highway) the temperature would increase to about 195 degrees, the fan would turn on lowering the temp to around 185 degrees, the fan would turn off, repeat. Why it is designed this way I have never be able to fathom.

    Solution: Since I was never able to pinpoint a specific failure point and didn't want to waste money replacing radom components, I resorted to the old, tried and true, method of blocking about 3/4 of the radiator with cardboard during the winter months. Perhaps changing the coolant temp sensor would have changed the above readings.

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