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    so I did the timing and balance belt on my 99 accord 2.3L. At start up it's quiet and smooth. As it warms up it starts to get a whining noise and the idle roughens some. Ive done other timing belts before but never a honda. I didnt crank on the belts when I installed them. Any ideas or tips? Thanks.

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    Check (and probably replace) the tensioner. If you didn't replace that, as well as the water pump, when you did the belts, then you really should go back and do it. Those things are likely at the end of their lifespan by this point.
    If those were replaced (by quality, OEM components), then check the tension on the belts and make sure they're not too tight. Too-tight belts can also make noise, and cause all sorts of expensive problems. You don't want to mess around with this stuff on an interference engine like the F23A. - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    i did replace all the items you mentioned with aisin or oem parts. Turned out that the balance belt was a little too tight. readjusted and all is good. thanks for the reply.

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