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Thread: 1989 Accord LX Wagon F22A1 engine extraction

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    Default 1989 Accord LX Wagon F22A1 engine extraction

    I have been given the opportunity to pull this engine out and I have never done am engine removal before. Anyways I'm trying to find a diagram of the engine itself so I know what everything is. I can't find the diagram I am looking for. Can anyone help or does anyone have advice at least?

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    Are you sure about that year? The 4th generation Accord wagon wasn't released until 1991.

    If you want a diagram, I suggest picking up a Helm manual for your specific year (first determine what that is...)
    This thread may also be helpful to you: - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    Yea I questioned the year also, but it's correct.

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    It simply cannot be. CB wagons were not produced until model year 1991. If you're from North America, you can't even get a 4th generation Accord that is listed as a 1989 model (the 89 model sedans that were available in Japan weren't even made until very late 89.) - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    I cant add it here, my phone isnt allowing me. If you give me another option i can send you images of the engine in the car

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    If you can't upload them here, host the pictures elsewhere and use the image tags to insert it into a thread. < img > enter your image url here < /img > (remove the spaces for the tags to work... I included spaces so they would show up, rather than disappearing as invisible code.)

    Regardless, the 4th generation wagon was not made until 1991, and the CB Accord did not appear in the US until 1990. If you have a 1989 Accord, you would have an A20A engine (and we never got the 3rd generation Accord wagon in the US.)
    Therefore, your car is a 1991, 1992, or 1993 model. I'm not just nitpicking here. If you actually follow my advice above in getting a Helm manual for your car, the year can matter significantly. There were some minor changes made between 1991 and 1992 that may cause you a headache if you follow the wrong set of instructions. - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    So I questioned my bf about the year again, because like I said I had asked about the year before haha, he said it is a 91. Idk know why he kept saying 89 before but I found out yes it's a 91.

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    Anyways we are pulling the engine out to put in a different car. I'm going to have to change it a but, so that's why I was looking for a diagram of the engine itself.

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