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    Hi :-)
    First time forum user here.
    Tried to look for this topic, but can't find anything about my type of brakes.
    I have, or rather my son has, just bought a 2004 Accord 2.0L Vtec CL7 Sport witch needs new brakes all around.
    It has run almost 300 000 Km, but besides the brakes all is well.
    We bought new discs and pads, and I have refurbished the calipers.
    But, when I looked at the parts, there are some clips that came with the pads that I have no idea where to install.
    All I have managed to find out is that these clips are somehow supposed to keep the pads from grinding on the disk to avoid overheating the caliper, but where to put them is a mystery.
    So I turn to you guys to see if any of you have come across these things before?
    The rear brakes are made by Lucas.
    The car was made in Japan, and I have found that there are extremely little help to find for these models.
    Everything I find concerns US or Mexico made cars, and they have very different engines and brakes.
    Our model has the vtec 2.0 Liter K20A6 motor.
    If you need more info just shout and I will try to answer :-)
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