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Thread: 2003 Accord Battery Drain Issue

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    Default 2003 Accord Battery Drain Issue

    I'm troubleshooting the cause of a repeated dead battery in a 2003 Accord. I've had several new batteries in this car over the past few years because of this issue. Each time, going to AutoZone or O'Reilly Auto Parts and have them put their tester on the car. They tell me the alternator is good every time. Measuring the current with the vehicle off, doors shut, and everything shut off, there's 210 mA draw on the battery. Does anyone know what the current draw should be? The vehicle does have an aftermarket stereo, but I've pulled the fuse and verified it's not the culprit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have other electrical components installed on your car aside from the OEM standard?

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