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Thread: trany nightmare.

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    Default trany nightmare.

    Yoo! Left to the no pistons and got burn again . Rotary ticking bomb. Anyway back
    Again honda accord 3.0 vtec. Looks like too much heat kill the trany. Of course too much.or no the
    Honda. Ok. How do we know or educated guess when the trany (auto) is total I mean . the car no shift right
    2Nd to 3rd or on D4 rpms 5000 only 60 mph. Wont shift high or is that the vtec activated and won't ????
    Change wheels size. Getting gear ratio code so can that be reprogram and other than the selenoids where electronic could cause no shift. Or a limp mode ecu. Can a line be stock pass oil or my final guess
    Any problems with the ground. Could that be a pro... Where. ... Hit me .... Thanks guys. Or ladies .

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    Trannies always give me issues bro.

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    The tranny of Honda is somewhat sensitive. I would rather buy a tranny that is already rebuilt than getting a used one.

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    Did you ever solve this issue? My tranny is doing the exact same thing

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