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    Default Trump 2016

    So who else is voting for trump?
    06' Audi A4 S-Line

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    since Cruz is out, ill be voting for trump

    people cant afford to throw their votes away this time around. We cannot let Clinton into office

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    trump train *****s

    I am addicted to Minecraft

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    I remember when I was 17 and still thought conservative politics were for intelligent people.

    Man, what a time.

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    06' Audi A4 S-Line

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    Yeah, I want to dump welfare money I steal from Christians onto a pile of dead aborted babies.

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    go shed ur liberal tears elsewhere

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    Default Trump 2016

    I will never trust Donald Trump, but anything is better than Hillary. Hope the Senate and House can balance the equation out, too much liberal in control and we will be as bad as Sweden

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    It's already 2020 and we have idiot Trump with COVID-19 advising everyone to "not be afraid of it," insinuating that people should still go out as they please without any mask on, I mean, what the hell?!

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    And yet, here we are again. The president has made another blunder today. This whole situation is just turning into an episode of the Twilight Zone.

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    Oh, he will, I'm willing to bet on it. "The orange man" is going to flop this election, I guarant-damn-ty you, he will lose!

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    Along with his downfall, I hope Fox News goes down with him. Such a pitiful group of propagandists on television. Tucker Carlson and Ainsley Earhardt can shove it!

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