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Thread: 95 Honda Accord EX 2.2L V-TECH US Radiator and Condenser Motor Circuit Problem.

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    Default 95 Honda Accord EX 2.2L V-TECH US Radiator and Condenser Motor Circuit Problem.

    I have problem with my condenser and radiator fan circuit. My understanding is that radiator fan is supposed to work when the temperature of the engine goes over 93 degrees C. But in my case the fans kick in when I put the key in position II not even before I start the engine. I did some investigation and this is what I found so far. See the posted image below for reference (my car is KH model):
    1) So first I turn the key to position II then condenser and radiator fan kick in. (A/C is off the whole time during this experiment and the engine is off and cold).
    2) If I pull No.4 fuse under-dash/relay box, both fans continue to work.
    3) If I pull No.8 fuse under-dash/relay box, both fans stop.
    4) If I disconnect the Radiator Fan Control Module both fans stop.
    5) If I disconnect the Radiator Fan Relay, the radiator fan stops while the condenser fan keeps working.
    6) If I disconnect ECM SWITCH A or ECM SWITCH B or both, radiator and condenser fans keep working.

    So my conclusion is that the Condenser Fan Relay and the Radiator Fan Relay are working but are energized by the coil side circuit of the relays. Their common ground is G101 through ECM SWITCH A. If disconnecting ECM SWITCH A and both radiators do not stop then it tells me that the circuit highlighted in green is grounded somewhere and ECM SWITCH A is obsolete. Correct me if i am wrong.
    So far I have checked the wiring next to the ECM SWITCH A, next to Radiator Fan Control Module and did not see any tempering. Tonight I will check the wiring next to the ECM (A12 FANH) and next to the A/C Diode.
    How to I check for the wiring in between of the components? I don't even know where that green wire is running.
    Is there any wiring diagram that will tell me where the green wire is running?
    What does a common connection (black dot or a not) looks like?
    Is it some kind of connector and how could I locate them?
    Is there any method I could use to find or narrow down the section where the circuit is grounded?

    A little history about this car. My wife bought this car from a guy who had some security system in the car but took it down before he sold it to her. I have been fixing it slowly one problem at the time. He had a toggle switch for the A/C Compressor Clutch by grounding on wire from the compressor clutch relay. I bought new Compressor Clutch relay and Condenser Clutch Relay to fix it to factory settings. The A/C does not work but I know for sure that the compressor clutch is working but loud when the toggle switch was still on. I think that the pressure in the A/C system might be low but I have not check it yet. I notice that the Radiator fan circuit was not in order so I decided to fix it before proceeding with the A/C system.
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