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    My car is a Honda Prelude 2009 model. When I apply brakes while running some kind of scratching sound is arising from the front tires. Also braking is not really smooth. I feel some kind of jerking while braking. I had a complete brake service before 1 year Apex Specialized Automotive Inc. I don't know whether it is time to change pads and rotors. What will be the life span of these brake components?

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    Ok, so, Honda quit making the Prelude in 2001. That's the first problem. The second is that the brakes, on any vehicle, should last more than a year unless your putting some serious miles on it or it's raced/tracked. Even then they might still be good.
    I would look at the invoice and take note of everything they say they did. Odds are, they did whatever work is listed. I'm not sure what their complete brake service includes but it probably means changing fluid, (maybe) adjusting the parking brake, but only inspecting the rotors and calipers.

    You may have one or more bad rotors, but the scratching sound is usually from the pads being worn. I've personally never driven with a rotor causing a sound, but I have had rotors worn enough that the car shook when I was braking at interstate speeds.
    Does the car pull in either direction when braking? Does the jerking feel like it is making the car slow down more, or less, when you feel it. Is it more accurate to say that the vehicle was shaking?

    In either event, I suggest you bring your receipt or invoice from when they looked at it back to Apex Specialized Automotive Inc. IF they listed pads being replaced. If they did and they screwed something up they will more likely fix it for free. My guess is that you're pads weren't replaced last year and you'll need them. Rotors are less likely since they last longer.

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    May be the rotors are warped or the calipers are seized.

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    I just got rid of my 1992 Prelude, it gave me many years of enjoyable driving but the biggest problem was the after market rotors. Every year the rotors on the front needed to be replaced, and every couple for the back.
    Anyone planning on keeping their Honda a long time should stick to OEM where possible or high end products.

    I also have a 2002 EP3 Civic and I just changed out the front rotors this year with OEM, that's 15years of little to no servicing of the rotors other than some minor rust around the outside edge.
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