So my mam (that's 'mom' for you yanks ;)) she bought an '02 civic a few months back which has been fine up until now.

On the motorway the radiator ran dry (the overflow pipe had blown off) and it started smoking and died. I wasn't there at the time so all of this information is second hand. She had to get towed to where she was going. A friend discovered that the radiator was dry but didn't notice the overflow pipe was off.

Anyway, this morning I popped the pipe back on, filled up the radiator, and turned it over. At the first stage I can hear the starter motor going and all seems well until I turn it over and the fuel gauge drops, it seems to struggle to start but not quite get there. It is turning over though.

Please let me know what I can check before taking it to a garage.

I had a '77 Ford Capri a few years back and I've had a bit of fun under the bonnet with a haynes manual so I'm not scared of a bit of light disassembly

Thanks in advance!