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Thread: 1992 4 door accord ex PLZ HELP

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    Ive got a 92 accord ex with the f22a1. My d4 light flashes constantly. Nd it has 2nd and 3rd right now but it switches between that nd 1st and 3rd and 2nd and 4th. Ive been told its my tcm or transmission control module. The one thats in it is the 28100-px4-732. Now my question is can this be interchanged with a different tcm with a different number or does it have to be that same one. There are points when im driving it and it just stops pulling and tachs out when i try to give it gas but if i unhook the tcm and hook it back up itll move for awhile longer and yes it is automatic

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    Yup sure you can change the tcm (transmission control module) remove it from your vehicle check all the technical specifications and contact a local agency dealing with TCM you can have their contacts from google they’ll surely be able to help you.

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