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Thread: A dripless oil change on my 2000 Honda Civic LX

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    Default A dripless oil change on my 2000 Honda Civic LX

    Changing oil on my 2000 Honda Civic LX used to be a messy project. I figured out to put a 3 inch cardboard box under my oil pan to make sure it doesn't miss my oil pan when I release the plug but I would always get residual drips all over the floor after taking off the oil filter due to it's odd placement on the engine. So I usually collect all kinds of cardboard to protect my garage floor. Well, on Thursday I put my car on the front wheel lifts with the intention of doing my winter oil change but due to holiday obligations and days off I didn't get to it until today and to my surprise all the oil had totally drained from my oil filter resulting in a totally dripless removal. Now I wouldn't recommend leaving it on the lifts for 4 days - especially in 20 degree weather because the previously hand tightened filter dried up and was a bitch to get off. My question is if anyone else uses this method to drain the oil filter how long do you keep it on the incline to drain out the filter? I'm thinking of leaving it up for a hour next oil change to see how that goes.

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    I'd recommend getting a larger oil change pan and a few rags. After tightening up the drain bolt place your pan under the filter and slowly take it off. Buy some pig mats or lay out a few rags if you really expect it to drip all over the place. Once you're done wipe down anything oil gets on and you should be all set.

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