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Thread: 1993 Accord stolen and need fix ignition

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    Default 1993 Accord stolen and need fix ignition

    can anyone tell me if there may be a manual that has detail on repairing my ignition for my 1993 Honda Accord? I have three huge wires hanging down which two connected and one hang loose.I can work on my car but when comes to that this deep wiring I get leery. Do I replace the whole steering column as I am told by some or just the ignition? I hate to do more then need be but would be nice to start my car with the key again thanks to anyone who has any suggestions,comments,or what not

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    A picture would help a great deal, as I can't really imagine what you're describing.

    If two of the wires are hanging, and only one is loose, just replace the one loose wire. Make sure none of the wires are damaged, and it should work.
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