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    Hey guys,

    I am looking for a manual so I'm not going at my rebuild blind. I have a 1.8l b16a2 vtec in a 93 del Sol. Any tips and advice much appreciated.

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    how am i able to post a thread? im in twizted tuners out of washingotn and would love to post tips and tricks for all honda accords 95 to 2000.thanks Jaronc

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    Google is your friend performancejunkie90 if you're looking to do it free, since you'll be spending cash on a rebuild go to helminc and buy a real one or if you want to get really fancy call the dealer. jaronc Click the massive blue button that says "Post new thread"

    2001 Honda Accord EX-L V6 @ 124k
    2001 Ford E-350 Super Duty "The Asscan" @ 102k

    Plans For The Accord (In Order):

    Tranny Cooler and Inline Filter (B&M 70260 and Magnefine)
    Rally Armor Mud Flaps (UR With Grey Letters)
    Suspension (Eibach)
    Paint (Gunmetal Plasti-dip or Black Metallic)
    Fog Lights (OEM)
    Rimzz yo (TL-S or TSX)

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