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Thread: 1996 accord: Distributor rotor... no screw hole in shaft? please help

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    Exclamation 1996 accord: Distributor rotor... no screw hole in shaft? please help

    Hello everyone I have searched and searched and I haven't found anyone with the issue I am having so I am hoping someone can help me.

    Car and distributor info:
    I have a 1996 Honda accord LX Wagon 4 cylinder with the non v-tech f22b2 engine. I was having an issue with the distributor so I went to replace the cap and rotor. It has a Tec distributor which is clearly labeled TD76 which is a richport technolgy distributor and is compatible with the car.

    The Issue:
    When I went to change the distributor rotor I noticed there was no threaded hole in the distributor shaft to secure the rotor button to. When I put the replacement rotor on it had some play in it which I am assuming is not acceptable. I went back to the auto-parts store and looked at all of the brands they had there and all of them required a screw to secure the distributor rotor onto the shaft and I tried a different one and it still had play in it. After looking for a distributor that didn't require a screw I noticed that the older 1991-1993 compatible rotor buttons didn't require a screw to secure them to the shaft and where a tighter fit.

    Has anyone ever encountered a 96 TEC distributor without a screw hole in the shaft? Should I put a 91-93 compatible rotor on with a 96 cap? Or should I put a 91-93 compatible rotor and cap on it? Its so weird because the damn distributor is clearly labeled td76 and the 91-93 compatible distributors are td52. I'm afraid if I put the 96 rotor on that engine vibration will cause issues without the screw and it having play in it.

    I thank you for any help in advance... feel free to lay it on me if I'm missing anything obvious.

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    First off, VTEC, not v-tech.

    Your best bet would be to get a rotor from Honda. Assuming your distributor is original, Honda's parts counter should have the correct part for you. Most distributors that I'm familiar with require screws, so that is a bit odd. Most aftermarket rotors I've gotten haven't used screws, relying on an internal clip to keep them in place.
    You could try a rotor for a 92-93 (not 91). The cap may or may not work. At worst, it would likely only make your car run poorly. No damage should result from the wrong parts if they don't work, as long as you don't push it.

    I'm most familiar with the 90-93 Accords, so I'm not 100% on your car.

    I currently have a Prelude engine in my car, with a Japanese distributor with an internal ignition coil (rather than the external ignition coil found on US models.) The 90-91 Accords have internal ignition coils, and I used a distributor cap for a 91 Accord on my distributor. It doesn't directly apply to your situation, but it's an example of using a part designed for one engine on another with success. - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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