Got myself a project bike .... 3 weeks after the trade a PISTON blew.... Considering rebuilding the motor but I'm not sure what other components could have been damaged during the piston melting or what potentially could have caused it ..... When I got the bike it of course used. I didn't know anything about bikes when I bought it but since then I've learned alot about this bike specifically. If I would have known anything I would have brought that bike back after the first ride...there was coolant fluid leaking out of the oil run-off hose from the heads..SOB. I did check to see where the fluid was coming from but just didn't know enought about mechanics.
Anyways, I've pulled the heads off & had them decked, got new gaskets & removed the pistons. Piecing the bike back together would be a hell of alot easier if I could find pistons for this bike but honda no longer makes it!!! I check Ebay everyother day for just a set of pistons but nothing pops up. Looks like I will need to a rebuilt motor but I want to explore installing custom pistons & boring out the cylinders.
My worries with that are: How much can I bore out w/o risking damage to the block? How do I measure for cylinder expansion upon ignition & how will that effect the size (Circumference) of the custom piston I chose? How much clearance do I need top & bottom?
So to sum it up: I need to know specs on boring, custom piston size & how engine temp will affect the preformance & smooth rotation?