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Thread: 95 accord ECU problem

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    Question 95 accord ECU problem

    hello everybody

    i have a honda accord 95 i bought it used about two years ago (automatic transmission , F22B engine, p03-y53 ECU)

    under the hood i found that there is many valves are disconnected (left empty) (vtec solenoid , vtec pressure , egr )
    but the engine light don't goes on !!

    my question is why the ECU don't detect these disconnected valves and sensors ??

    the light works fine (it turns on for seconds before starting the car and then turns off )

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    I'm not very familiar with that ECU, but from what I can find, it appears to have come from a non-VTEC Civic or Del Sol. That would explain why your VTEC stuff is disconnected, and why no codes are thrown.
    Get yourself a P0A ECU, and hook everything up the way it should be. Hopefully, 2+ years of running on the wrong ECU (seemingly for a 1.5L engine) hasn't done any major internal damage. - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    thank you so much deevergote for your reply...

    actually the engine is 2.2L F22B sohc vtec .I searched so much on the internet to find what is the correct ECU for this engine
    and I found that the P0A ECU is for the F22B1 I think there is no deference between the F22B and F22B1 do you know any deference ??and is that the same engine ??
    this is some photos of my engine maybe it can help

    and thank you again


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    I am assuming that you are not located in the US... that can be significant, as different markets have different engines, trim levels, and computers.

    But yes, the SOHC VTEC F22B (likely a Japanese market engine, as they don't have numbers at the end) is the same as the F22B1. A P0A will work properly for you. - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    Thank you again deevergote
    ok i will try to find a P0A ecu but is there any other necessary numbers (like P0A-Y**) ??
    the car has Automatic transmission

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    You'll need one from another automatic, but I'm not sure what the numbers are. I THINK it's P0A-A51, but you should double check that before buying anything. - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    OK thank you very much deevegote helped me alot

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