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    Hi all.I have Nissan v3 nad i would like to change my rims but i have no idea about rim what type of rims is suitable for my nissan anyone tell me about that??????

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    Well. Have you try to search it from Google or any other browser???? Anyway i have not this car but i ask to a friend and he told me that the rim size of his car is 13.1 in. radius. And diameter is 26.2 in. Got it????

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    Hey guys and girls,

    Looking at getting some new feet for my hilux, currently have hankook dynapro atms on 7.5inch wide steel 15in rims, 31x10.5s.
    Going to upgrade to hankook dynapro MTs still in 31x10.5, Will also buy another set of rims so i can keep ats for summer driving.

    Does anyone know what size rim and offset will be best for me, hoping to order the tires and rims in time for this weekend, No pressure tho

    Cheers team

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    whats the highest rim size i can put on my 1999 c230? i have stock size 15s, but i was going to upgrade for some low profile tires, i just need help on the highest rim size i can put without having problems turning my car, thanks

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    Hi all

    I am looking for the best 15" rim size for a NA that is only for track work.

    Whilst i would love to go big and bad, I need to keep costs down. My research points to a 15 x7 rim as having the best range of semi slicks. What would the PCB be?

    Just wondering if i am on the right track and what tyre size would be best as a standard fit


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    What size nitrous line should I be running on a Dry setup. I just ordered an AJ controller and getting the rest of the setup all put together. Any suggestions would be helpful

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    ok guys im going from a stock 15inch rim to a 17inch rim....whats the widest i can go without being slowed down much.....??? what are you guys out there running.....???? help me out guys

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    Hello everyone,

    New to the site, figured I would jump right in.

    I was wondering what the maximum/recommended size of rim and tire would be for the 08 128i.

    I am thinking about picking up a set of Volk TE37SLs for my car, and wanted to ensure that the width I see many using 9.5/10.5 width on their BMWs not 128is though.

    Anyone have pictures/testimonials of their sizes?


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