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    So after I got the new engine in and started her up. I went to go check the gears if it goes in fine. But it's stuck in park! I tried the key in the center console and no luck. Seems like the key I have don't work with that key hole due to them being aftermarket. I had to like jiggle, jimmy, and all to get it into R, N, D, etc. Then if I let off the brake pedal and try to go into gears again, it'll lock! It's like I have my foot on the brake, and still wouldn't be able to press the button on the shifter to go into gears.

    I do have brake lights, so I don't know if my brake light switch is still bad. It's odd though because it was working just fine before I did the swap. Do I need to do some linkage adjustments in the center console?

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    sounds like a problem with the interlock. perform all diagnostics in the repair manual for the "Interlock System" under the Electrical section

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