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Thread: just bought a 96 acura integra ls..and...??

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    Default just bought a 96 acura integra ls..and...??

    i just bought a 96 integra ls and there is a cellular telephone thingy in the center seems interesting enough that i want to make it it worth it? AND how would i even begin to get it to work?? i tried googling it but apparently theres nothing about the factory cellular telephone option. i would like directions on getting it to work...some sort of owners manual? the 'service' manual provided here is doesnt have anything about it just in case ppl want to point me to it. THANKS!
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    wow, that is pretty interesting. I've never seen anything like that before. I wish I could tell you anything about it
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    It will most likely use an analog signal. I do not know if that signal is available anymore, since the we switched to digital a few years back.

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    I'm almost positive that this phone is out of a different Acura, judging by the foam around the module in the dash. I would try to look at the back of it and see if there is any wiring, and if it is, try hooking it up to an old cell phone charger you might have laying around. One with a cigarette lighter attachment, but make sure to cut off the tip that goes into the cell phone first.

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    I belive that was an option for the acura legend but not the integra

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