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Thread: 1991 civic hatchback head replacement

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    Default 1991 civic hatchback head replacement

    im not looking to turn my car into a race car, just a clean running, extremely reliable, daily driver. i often take 6hour road trip, like twice a month. my civic backfires and burns oil, one of my spark plug caps is constantly pushed up when i check under the hood. iv found a completely remanufactured cylinder head 1.5L d15 SOHC 16-valve, The head is complete with valves, springs, cam and rockers installed. for under $200

    now my question is... considering the labor it would take to swap out the heads. is it worth it to go this route?

    what all should i replace wile im at it?

    i already have a very nice exhaust system and intake.

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    any one got any sugestions? any sort of feedback at all is appreciated.

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    thats really not a bad price if that includes the labor...
    1993 del sol si w/b18b1 ls/vtec

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    all the gaskets and seals on the top end, while you have the head off, look into a port and polish job.... help the airflow out a bit more
    1993 del sol si w/b18b1 ls/vtec

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    nah it duznt include labor, but the whole thing is already put together and remachined and its accually quite beautiful. the main thing is i dont want to have to deal with conversion harnesses and all that, but i do want it to be bullet proof, not that im going to give it hell or anything, i want this to be the end all be all rebuild, what all should i replace? water pump, all the belts? maybe even the suspention springs, what else? i dont want to have to worry about my car crappin out on me for atleast anouther 5-10 years. i want my kid to have this hatch

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    Why exactly are you changing the head?...the oil issue? sure the rings aren't worn?...or you think you have a partially blown head gasket?

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    Timing belt set, with waterpump, full valve cover set with grommets and spark plug gaskets, and lower cam seals, also the gaskets on each end of the valve cover, where the dizzy, and cam gear are, and check your cap for your valve cover, those rubber gaskets tend to go bad too. Tune up after you get all of that stuff too, so it will run like new.

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