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Thread: 88 Honda Accord runs like a freight train

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    Default 88 Honda Accord runs like a freight train

    This car was a give me from my sis in Maryland. I drove it from MD to NC with no issues at all except for the "freight train" mode I was warned about. In other words, I could let it cruise at 75 on the highway with my foot off the gas without using cruise control. Sometimes if you tapped the gas, it would even out, most of the time not. I've driven the car for a year now and the issue has steadily gotten worse. I have worn out three sets of brakes trying to keep it still at red lights, and it eventually developed an additional habit of cutting off completely and leaving me stranded for an hour or so before it will start up again. So at this point I am either stomping the brakes to keep it in one place, or riding the brakes and giving it gas to keep it running. Rarely it runs ok.
    We have recently gotten another vehicle and my husband has lost interest in trying to get the honda drivable again, but I feel there are alot of miles left on it and want to prod him into trying to fix it. Would rather fix and drive the car I already have instead of getting a new one since money is an issue at this point, and this car has been dependable so far, no major issues as long as you know how to drive it. Someone actually stole it recently and didn't even make it a mile away before they left it sitting.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction for fixing the problem? It is a 1988 Honda Accord LX. CA5. (I have downloaded the manuals from this site) It has 166500 miles on it. It has a carburated engine.
    Any pointers and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    When in park does the engine idle properly? Have you checked the throttle cable is it stuck or is it free? Try to remove the cruise control cable from the gas pedal see if it improves or takes away the problem. It could be a vacuum leak or a bad cruise control assy.

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