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Thread: Need help with electrical! 93 type s lude

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    Default Need help with electrical! 93 type s lude

    OK so here is my problem... My brights do not work, when I switch them on, neither does my dome light. I can switch to my brights and my dash light indicates that my brights are on but they don't switch on. (obvious trouble shooting... i did replace bulbs and fuses) Now, here is my original problem that started before my brights. When the car is on, all my lights (dash, headlights) are on, they will brighten up and then down again. I can hear like if the alternator is the problem, but that is new and so is my car battery. Any suggestions?

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    check all the ground wires also if i recall theres a group located on each side in the engine bay near the headlights . take a min & take a look @ the wiring diagrams .

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    I have a 92 type s I have int light problems lights wory if I put in the fuse under the hood but runners stay on so I have to take out fuse so my battery does not die. I also have no reverse lights. Mine is a 5 speed.

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