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Thread: Too much transmission fluid?

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    I searched the forum, but couldn't find much about my particular concern. I recently took my 1994 Honda Accord EX into the dealership to get my transmission fluid exchange. Today, after driving home from work (15 minute drive), I checked my transmission dipstick to check the levels. It looks like the fluid level is above the range marked on the dip stick. It's not drastically above it, but it's definitely above it. I checked the dipstick on flat ground, engine off after having warmed it up (15 min drive). I figure the dealership must know what they're doing. The car has 220,000 miles on it, so I certainly don't want to contribute to destroying the transmission anymore than it already is, so any input on this would be greatly appreciated. Should I be concerned about the fluid level being above the range on the dipstick?

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    You should be concerned. Transmissions are more sensitive to overfilling than the engine. How much more is it overfilled? Honda procedure to check the level is to have the engine off & level surface.

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