I have a 91 accord ex and have recently done a rebuild on the vehicle, I have put it back together have checked every component that I know of, the ECM was bad and I replaced it, fuel pressure good, good spark, timing is on, check cont at the ignition switch good, checked the relay good, hot at injectors, injectors pulse when cranking according to the test light, ground at t stat is on, however when turning key on the relay does not prime the pump for 2 seconds (but energizes pump while cranking) and I noticed when doing my voltage test on the ignition switch harness at the fuse box, when probing ign 2 I believe, I could hear the relay cutting in and out if I would press on the pin in a certain way. I checked for cont across the inj while cranking but didn't seem to have cont, which I found weird because I have voltage and they pulse to ground when cranking, I am seriously about to pull my hair out....and I thank anyone for any of their advice.