Can anyone please help! Thank you in advance. I had a B18B1 (out of a 96 LS) installed in a 2000 Civic EX. It had a OBD1 Dizzy on it and it went out so I replaced it with a OBD2A Dizzy and the wiring Harness is OBD2B. After the dizzy was installed I had to swap the ECU. It was running an OBD1 ECU but it wouldn't crank the car with the new dizzy so I replaced it with the OBD2 Civic Ecu. Car cranked and ran fine for two days. On the second day I installed a new clutch and drove the car afterwards and all the dash lights started flashing and the car shut off. I dropped it in second and cranked it back up (it is a five speed) and then it cut off again and now it won't crank up. It turns over and trys and tryins to crank but it won't. It kind of sounds like its not getting fuel and you can smell gas afterwards. I scanned the codes and the only two codes its throwing is V-tech malfunction and knock sensor. Car is not running V-tech and the B18B1's don't have knock sensors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.