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Thread: 97 honda accord lx auto engine and 5 speed swap ???

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    Default 97 honda accord lx auto engine and 5 speed swap ???

    i have a 97 accord automatic and i want to have it converted to a 5 speed but if im going to do that might as well do a swap i looked on hmotorsonline and they have the a hydralic tranny for it i was wondering if i order this what else would i need to convert this thing and get it running on that engine all the feedback will be helpfull also i am a rookie with cars i know a lil here and there but have some buddies from my job at jiffy lube who say they would help me if i buy everything but it would take time with no lift .... would it be better to just take it to a shop

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    you may want to bring it to a shop. I did the swap on my 95 accord lx.

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