Please help!! At end of my wits!! Recently my 2003 Honda accord EX, 2.2L, AT, stalled, every time it started the RPMs would drop to below 1000 and eventually it didnít start again. Received code to replace crank shaft position sensor. After replacing, every time I cranked the engine, it would misfire and not turn over. I then checked the timing chain and found timing was off. I had to replace the cam chain tensioner because the chain was slipping. It fixed the slipping problem however the car will not turn over. It misfires at time but most of the time it just spins. I have checked the spark plugs and wires, I have spark. The fuel pressure is good, and I have also replaced the camshaft sensor as well. What am I missing?? Every time I check the crank, camshaft intake and camshaft exhaust they align at TDC.

2003 Honda Accord EX, 2.2L, AT.