***This may be in the wrong section, sorry in advance. Also searched and looked through factory service manual, to no avail...***

Ok, so I'm tucking/swapping a 94 EJ1 Coupe. I'm confident in my knowledge of wiring and electrical (wire police cars daily), but I hit a snag and only realized after the fact. On the driver side of the firewall there are two plugs for the engine harness to connect to. Inside the car in the same vicinity of the firewall, the harness comes through the wall and immediately plugs into two large plugs (one brown, one light grey). So in a sense, if it is unplugged from both ends, you get a short (maybe a foot and a half long) engine sub-harness for the driver side of the car. I need to know the pinout for both ends, not necessarily function of each wire, but where the wires are pinned in on each plug.


This is under dash end

11 12


These two are in the bay.

I hope I've explained it thouroughly enough for someone to help. If not I'll take pics to explain.
THANKS in advance!!