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Thread: S2000 rear brake : 43022-S2A-E50 or 43022-S2A-000 ?

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    Default S2000 rear brake : 43022-S2A-E50 or 43022-S2A-000 ?


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    Sorry, not willing to "bare" with you, although I'll certainly bear that in mind ...

    I got a question regarding the correct part number for rear brake pads on a MY04 S2000.

    In the past I've used 43022-S2A-E50. Now I see that 43022-S2A-000 is listed instead, but the old 43022-S2A-E50 is still available.

    Does the 43022-S2A-000 supersede 43022-S2A-E50? i.e. is a perfect replacement?

    Much obliged.


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    Have you been using AP1 pads in the past? They tend to work better and dust less than AP2's. I heard they were changing the pads, but not sure what exactly changed. I use aftermarket pads.

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