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Thread: 1997 Accord SE Wiring and SWAP help

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    Default 1997 Accord SE Wiring and SWAP help

    So after getting this 1997 Accord SE *2dr coupe(red) for free I had a few questions.

    1.) As of now I am running the basic I4 2.2l engine that comes with the car. I noticed that when I turn on the beams for the car, the windshield wipers constantly go and the left blinker light will stay on. I have traced the short to right under the driver side fender but am getting annoyed at just using tape to hold the wires to where they wont short. What all exactly needs to be replaced?

    2.) Considering I got the car for free and intend on keeping it for years to come, I want to know more about the H22a swap to put in. I know I would need to change out the transmission as well considering it is an automatic, but what all needs to exactly be swapped out? meaning what all would I need. I'm willing to drop quite a bit of money into this vehicle and would like more resources than other posts on these forums. I'm already spending a bit on the paint and rims for the car but need more info about the engine.

    *please don't waste your time calling me a noob. i already know guys. just looking for a more in depth info on this. thanks.

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    I cant call u noob cuz I am one :P but what I suggest u first at all insteed wasting money on the exteriors focus on the engine/transm as u said before. Im plenty sure advanced users can help u out.

    Altough u can check other threads in here..I think theres an special board for H22a.

    Good Luck.

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