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Thread: Microsoft's Replacement for NTFS, "ReFS"

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    Default Microsoft's Replacement for NTFS, "ReFS"

    Stands for "Resilient File System" and will be implemented in Windows 8 products only. It's basically been built from the ground up and will help users have more flexible control over larger storage volumes. At the same time, the new system will be more "resilient" against data corruption.

    ReFS inherits the features and semantics from NTFS including BitLocker encryption, access-control lists for security, USN journal, change notifications, symbolic links, junction points, mount points, reparse points, volume snapshots, file IDs, and oplocks.
    Windows 8 Blog

    Sounds great but M$ has also stated that this new file system cannot be used with removable media (SD cards, USB Flash etc) or boot drives lol. So basically it would just be for really large storage volumes. There isn't a whole lot of info on performance numbers or other compatibility yet... thoughts?

    As a side note, I think the first official Win 8 beta is due next month. so perhaps the new file system will be available for a test drive
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    I'll believe it when I see it. They were talking about this/a similar file system for Windows Vista.

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    meh at best. sounds like ext4 -=T

    Pun was here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfd View Post
    I'll believe it when I see it. They were talking about this/a similar file system for Windows Vista.
    i think i remember reading about that years ago, and how it turned out to be completely unnecessary lol. i can't see them releasing something that is drastically better since hard drives really haven't changed in years. yes, they are bigger, faster and have bigger caches but the actual design is pretty much the same thing. i guess it's just a matter of having more optimized storage volumes.

    i know all of my storage drives (and boot drive) is of course NTFS but once something is corrupt it can be difficult to repair. if there was a more "stable" file system that would organize the disk and file structure better that would be great. plus, better organization means better performance and possibly eliminate fragmented files and bad sectors.

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    i can't wait for the win 8 beta!

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    ^yea i think it's due mid Feb... and then RTM at the end of summer. I think the actual product will arrive sometime in October. it's kind of crazy cuz i feel like Windows 7 is still pretty fresh. i will definitely check it out i still have a bunch of beta and rtm builds of 7 lying around lol. it was fun to mess around with those...

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