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Thread: New NSX

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    dunno about it being a special edition other than it being them bringing back a roadster to their line up. (checked wiki and it was launched to celebrate honda's 50 years)


    i would love for honda to keep it as is and just give it a bit of a low ebnd power boost and have a hard top special version much like the s800 had.

    but knowing honda they'll make it a huge inline/v6 with 4wd and completely ruin it.

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    yea 50 years commemorative model is what i was thinking...

    i think the s2k could use a mild refresh, but keeping it a 4banger is fine as long as they keep the weight down. gotta keep the stick shift too and the hard top would definitely be boss as a factory given. it's a rad little car but i think with some reworked features it would be amazing. if they squeeze close to 30mpg out of a new power plant i'd put my name on the waiting list right now.

    also i wish honda would do a modern AWD civic sedan, i feel like that would sell very well... possibly w factory turbo?

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    That looks like shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EXCellR8 View Post
    i'll expect to give it a try in GT5 within the next few months. get on that polyphony kthx

    LOVE this car now. thank you based polyphony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XGRaViSmOrSX View Post

    LOVE this car now. thank you based polyphony.
    that track is from NERO welcome reality album. Oh and the car is very nice!! but needs specs....

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    oh fucking snap, that was quick

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXCellR8 View Post
    oh fucking snap, that was quick
    polyphony is part of the car industry now.

    if anything these manufacturers love that they can basically have people "test drive" their cars months and years before it releases.

    plus PD is fucking BOSS at making trailers.

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    I think they said it woudl be a V6 AWD Hybrid

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    I think they are talking about the old model since this is an old thread.

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    Hey guys.. so its been a while since the 1090 dumbbells were pulled off the shelves.. What are my options now? Did they release a new dumbbell? Is there any other weight other than 1090 and 552s? Thanks for any help in advance

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    Thank you Looks like a different seating arrangement to what I've got. Here's a photo Is there a way I can find out more info using the HIN?

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    This is a new section I have been thinking about. A place for those "other people" :grin: to hang out. Lots of people come here looking for info on getting into a Sea Ray so here is a section where those commonly asked questions and discussions can reside. Sound good?

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    One of the most badass and nicest looking supercars out there.

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