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Thread: You win Steam...

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    Default You win Steam...

    Holiday Sale going on now.

    Also gave me a 25% coupon.

    Here's my wallet.

    Oh and click around because I keep finding single games on sale (like Max Payne/MP2 for $6 total when added individually) but then found a completely separate bundle listed for $3 for both.

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    Grand prize in the sale is EVERY GAME ON STEAM

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    This kills the social life.
    Why don't you go to vegas and gamble all your money away? There's no regulation stopping it. You don't because you don't want to lose your house, car and savings. Now if you can go to vegas without the risk of loss because the tax payer will pick it up, does your gambling now need to be regulated? Of course it does, because the regulation of failure has been eliminated

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuklear View Post
    Grand prize in the sale is EVERY GAME ON STEAM
    mother of god

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    crazy deals... where's my fucking debit card!?

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