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Thread: RIP GSC GameWorld

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    Default RIP GSC GameWorld more S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games from the Ukrainian-based developer

    here's to hoping the rights will be bought or the sequel will be open-sourced for community devs. despite the game's exclusiveness, it has quite a fan following.
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    i tried to play the first one. . buggy as shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cage View Post
    i tried to play the first one. . buggy as shit

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    Buggy wasnt even the word

    Software shit
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    yes the first game had issues for sure but i was able to play it all the way through. GSC was a very small company with limited resources and a relatively inexperienced team of developers and software engineers. some of the patches helped things out and there were countless driver tweaks and whatnot. by the time call of pripyat was released it was clear that they had a much better, much more stable product. with the help of community artists, modders, hobbyists, and some later connections to hardware devs, GSC did alright with stalker. it certainly wasn't polished, but was damn good when operating smoothly.

    they will be missed... well by me at least

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