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Thread: Stock JDM H22A in 90 Accord Turbo Setup?

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    Lightbulb Stock JDM H22A in 90 Accord Turbo Setup?

    Need some help guys. I've researched and researched and also posted many questions on forums about turbo-ing my h22a. I know that they can handle 7psi (less the better on stock).
    Internals on my h22a are complete stock and I don't have the money for a breakdown and rebuild and can't seem to find a wet kit that would allow me any savings money wise. What would be the best route for more power? Turbo just boosting under 7lbs? Recommendations on a great turbo setup for h22a would be awesome! Or a N/A setup or just start putting money back for a wet spray setup? Any other build ideas for my engine to get some more power..power power powerrrr!!

    -JDM H22A Engine Swapped into 90 accord
    -LSD Tranny
    -Brembo Ceramic Brake Pads
    -Skunk2 Suspension
    -5Ziggen Exhaust
    -Short Shifter
    -NGK Sparks
    -NO P/S
    -New Bushings/Bearings

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    Default Stock JDM H22A in 90 Accord Turbo Setup

    I join. And I have faced it. Let's discuss this question.

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    Default Stock JDM H22A in 90 Accord Turbo Setup

    hi guys, i just want to know if you guys could please let me know what i have to do to the engine to get it ready to make boost...its an all stock 5sfe. but i dont know if i have to change any engine internals or what would be best to do to the engine. Im really not looking to do a swap on it and just want to see if i can put a turbo on it. want this as my project car...thanks

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    the only big difference is the head. the block is the same. the intake is the same. they have a better head and ecu. that's it really. we have the better fuel setup. we have the better turbo. the exhaust is the same.
    and you can run way more than 275 on the stock block. the first demon to go is the ecu. after that you'll find the ct series turbo is the problem.

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    Quick question how much pressure can they take?

    I bought stock GTE pistons and rods for my GE boosting project. How much pressure can they take?

    Anyway general discussion about 3s pistons

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    Hey guys so I have a couple of questions first off what Would I need to turbo my 86 Celica. what do I need for engine management and also what do I get for the turbo kit.i saw couple of them on ebay but I'm not too sure or should I just get a engine with a turbo and just swap it in with my tranny also how much work would that be to install the harness on to my car are they different

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    weapon5 said:A lot of domestic cars are coming out with 400-500 everyone still drive the same just more poeple have faster cars stock Click to expand...

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    I cant wait. This car would be a much different animal with a turbo. Especially with the paddle shifters.

    I got the sport seats but I dont want to install it just yet, I fell like I am going to be annoyed by the airbag service light.

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    i dont think id ever turbo my car, i love my lancer, but if i were to bost id get something that already reasonably quick. but if you do end up doing it good look bro

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    yeah there is a newer s300, but it does the same thing as the older version.

    You may want to consider just doing a B-series swap instead as it will be more cost efective and you have more aftermarket support with a B. Also a stock B-series in good condition will easily handle 300hp under boost when tuned properly.

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    How do you solve oil and watercooling Connections to the turbo? Pictures would be nice.
    This would be he most difficult to solve if there isnt a ready solution IMO.


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    if you whord parts and get lucky like i do you can get sum good parts really cheap and build your own turbo kit. and if you havent found out what the best rings for weisco pistons are i can ask my friend who works there...i good thing about livin in cleveland

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    Tell me about it I do wonder why I did not just grab a B16 and build it. Or for that matter, a B18/20. I built a B20 block with B17 head and made 230 WHP without a turbo and it is muuuuuch easier to drive. It is in a DA GSR so it is a really nice driver. Turbo that and you can easily hit 400-500 HP. Hmmmmm.......

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    I don't think so, because the 3sgte 2nd Gen have a different setup. Head, block, and turbo. As well as fuel. As for our engine is more restricted. I am boosting 15 psi max on a 7mgte supra turbo and everything else is stock. Even if I did everything that was written up I doubt we will even get 250whp also the biggest factor was this is for a rwd car not a awd. alot of people don't really know but the 1st gen 3sgte is very restriced that is why is better to go with a 2nd, 3rd gen swap 4th gen is very hard to tune so I heard.

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    Stig said:What's a SR10?
    Does it weigh 1000kg with FWD and 300hp coming in suddenly at 5000rpm
    and bang the limiter at 10 000rpm?

    Yea it does except it is rwd and weigh over 1000kg.Click to expand...

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    What's a SR10?
    Does it weigh 1000kg with FWD and 300hp coming in suddenly at 5000rpm
    and bang the limiter at 10 000rpm?

    Actually, I saw an article on a guy in Florida, USA who claims to have the fastest 3S -
    High 7's on 1/4 mile and 800hp claimed

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    well I do not want to debate but from what I've research our compression is different. the top feed isnt as good as side, and our head are very restricted. So the 1st gen isn't as great but then I could be wrong. Only reason supporting is that all the high power 3sgte are only 2nd and 3rd gen. No one haven't, at least from what I found have push more then around 300whp.

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    Hey MugenBOI - Ive bored my block out 1mm oversized 40 thou and there was a noticeable difference in the feel from the engine. Also had the head shaved by 1mm as well.

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