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Thread: turbo install??

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    Smile turbo install??

    he guys im new here so yea. i just wana get this straight before i do something wrong. how do u hook up the oil line on the turbo, and if hook up a turbo with a oil sandwich adapter does the turbo have to have a return line, if it does where do i hook tht up to? thanks

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    o a lot of research before you even begin to attempt the install.

    Yes, an oil return is manditory and it returns to the oil pan.
    The oil feed is pulled from the back of the block either using a sandwich plate or T'ing off the oil psi sending unit.

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    Note that free flow from the turbo back to the pan is essential. The line must be big, there must be no restriction in the line and it must enter the pan above the oil level. Reliable oil flow both in and out is what keeps your turbo alive.

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    you know what would be cool is a complete picture walkthrough of the whole install. then ryan could get it up on the site here. we seem to be getting more and more ppl going turbo with these old things so Im sure there would be a demand for it.

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